Weekly 2020-02-03 Acroyoga

Happy Monday everyone!

This is a crazy thing, I’m teaching ONLY ONE class this week. I’m teaching the beginner Funday Class today at 6:30. Come check it out. We will be working on foundational stuff. No partner nor experience required for this class.

While I will be out, we WILL have subs for the Belmont Beginner Acro class.

This week, Saturday the 8th, Leyla will be covering for me. Next week, Saturday the 15h, Shawn will be covering for me. I’m super excited to have these subs come in and help us having class while I’m out. They are both great teachers and you will learn something different then what you learn in my classes. Please go if you can!

Ali Hoffman will be running some training this week at the Studio while I’m out, but there is no official class.

Also, when I come back from Colorado on the 17th, I will be teaching a boat load of classes that week. Monday Intermediate (I can already tell you what I’m planning to teach if you want to know), Wednesday at the studio with special guest instruction from Hannah, I believe. Friday beginner at PG SV, Saturday at PG Belmont, and Sunday at PG SF.

Also, did a photo shoot with a friend last weekend. This shot is from Nathan. Thanks for the great shots!


Weekly 2020-01-27 Acroyoga

Happy Monday Everyone,

Another week with only two classes on the books. These are both beginner classes so partner or experience required.

In addition to those teaching events, you will find me at couple of other acro events this week:

  • Funday Acro’s Classes tonight (Intermediate Funday Acro). I’m at least going to the intermediate at 8 PM, not sure if I will make beginner this week.
  • Friday Night I will be at the Acro Training Night: Acro Training Day Jan 31 2020 which is Leyla and John’s Physics of Pops class that I’ve been so excited to take! There are pre-reqs, but I love Physics and I love Acro so this seems like something I’d be into.

Lastly, I’m going on a personal travel trip starting next week. I’ll be gone Wednesday February 5th through Sunday February 16th. Classes at the Studio will be cancelled for the 5th and the 12th. There should be a Yoga Belly beginner class on Friday the 7th ant 6:30 pm that I would recommend as good stand in for that class and there may still be some training going on if you want to reach out to the usual crew. We have a new sub or two on boarding for the PG Belmont class and hopefully we will have something in place for both of the weekends I’m gone.

I will have more details about the subs and classes in next weeks updates.

As always, message me with any questions!

Weekly Update Starting Jan 20, 2020

Happy Monday Everyone,

After teaching four classes last week, this is a light week with only two classes on the books. Teaching Wednesday at the Studio with Ali Hoffman and then the regular class at PG Belmont on Saturday.

While for the material for this week is usually in flux I can talk about what was taught last week.

Last Monday at Funday Beginner we worked on point of contact removal and work towards lowering from star to straddle bat which is part of what we need to do Barrel Roll which is a new pre-req for the Intermediate class this month.

Wednesday, Ali and I taught part of the Rolling Raven flow: https://youtu.be/_DHDiNNDxxQ. Specifically we worked on back fly to star into a crow on hands position.

At PG Belmont on Saturday we worked on Bird and reverse bird with spots. We ended with a little bit of Super Yogi.

Sunday, I was a guest teacher at PG SF, teaching with (Jocelyn Fong Yoga . We had a bunch of fun teaching the fundamentals of foot to hand!

Also, there are a couple of cool Acroyoga events coming up that I’d like to mention with some space left:

Lastly, I’m in the process of putting together a couple of workshops. Each workshop should cover a different topic. Currently working on two: 1) on cheerleading and spotting standing skills, and 2) starting to learn about teaching Acroyoga. Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

Teaching Week of Jan 13, 2020

Hey All, Teaching three acro classes this week.

Tonight, Monday: Beginner Acro at Funday in MV, 6:30 PM. I will be teaching some point of contact removal to progress towards corkscrew and other pre-reqs for the intermediate class. No partner or experience required, just friendly and fun acro.

Wednesday At The Studio: Teaching with Ali Hoffmann at the Studio at 8:30 pm. This is labeled as a beginner class but if more advanced people show up, we will teach to the audience.

Saturday: Beginner Acro at PG in Belmont. No partner or experience required. 

Let me know if you have any questions! I’m here to answer them.

Starting off 2020

Hello everyone and welcome back to work life after the Holidays. I’m teaching four, that is right, FOUR! Acro classes this week, starting tonight!

Monday – 8:00 pm – Funday Intermediate. Teaching with some help from Leyla, we will be working towards Icarian front tucks. Our community hasn’t been doing a ton of front tuck skills, so some of this will be new. These are progressions so you might not be flipping people by the end, but we will be moving in that direction. There are pre reqs for the intermediate class and they have gone up. There will be a test at the beginning of class, be prepared. If you are worried there is a beginner class at 6:30 pm.

Wednesday – 8:30 pm at the Studio. I will be teaching with Ali and we will probably do some fun washing machine things. Plans still to be determined.

Friday – 8:30 pm at PG Sunnyvale. I will hopefully be teaching with Ali again. We are working on it! This is the once monthly class at PG SV. Come enjoy some beginner Acro.

Saturday – 12:30 pm at PG Belmont. Normal beginning weekly Acroyoga class. Same time every week.

Super excited to be back at it! Let me know if you have questions and hoping to see you there. May or may not be handing out some of my holiday stickers this week! Happy New Year!