Weekly Update Starting Jan 20, 2020

Happy Monday Everyone,

After teaching four classes last week, this is a light week with only two classes on the books. Teaching Wednesday at the Studio with Ali Hoffman and then the regular class at PG Belmont on Saturday.

While for the material for this week is usually in flux I can talk about what was taught last week.

Last Monday at Funday Beginner we worked on point of contact removal and work towards lowering from star to straddle bat which is part of what we need to do Barrel Roll which is a new pre-req for the Intermediate class this month.

Wednesday, Ali and I taught part of the Rolling Raven flow: https://youtu.be/_DHDiNNDxxQ. Specifically we worked on back fly to star into a crow on hands position.

At PG Belmont on Saturday we worked on Bird and reverse bird with spots. We ended with a little bit of Super Yogi.

Sunday, I was a guest teacher at PG SF, teaching with (Jocelyn Fong Yoga . We had a bunch of fun teaching the fundamentals of foot to hand!

Also, there are a couple of cool Acroyoga events coming up that I’d like to mention with some space left:

Lastly, I’m in the process of putting together a couple of workshops. Each workshop should cover a different topic. Currently working on two: 1) on cheerleading and spotting standing skills, and 2) starting to learn about teaching Acroyoga. Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

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