Starting off 2020

Hello everyone and welcome back to work life after the Holidays. I’m teaching four, that is right, FOUR! Acro classes this week, starting tonight!

Monday – 8:00 pm – Funday Intermediate. Teaching with some help from Leyla, we will be working towards Icarian front tucks. Our community hasn’t been doing a ton of front tuck skills, so some of this will be new. These are progressions so you might not be flipping people by the end, but we will be moving in that direction. There are pre reqs for the intermediate class and they have gone up. There will be a test at the beginning of class, be prepared. If you are worried there is a beginner class at 6:30 pm.

Wednesday – 8:30 pm at the Studio. I will be teaching with Ali and we will probably do some fun washing machine things. Plans still to be determined.

Friday – 8:30 pm at PG Sunnyvale. I will hopefully be teaching with Ali again. We are working on it! This is the once monthly class at PG SV. Come enjoy some beginner Acro.

Saturday – 12:30 pm at PG Belmont. Normal beginning weekly Acroyoga class. Same time every week.

Super excited to be back at it! Let me know if you have questions and hoping to see you there. May or may not be handing out some of my holiday stickers this week! Happy New Year!

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