Wanderlust 108: SF Edition

One of my favorite teachers asked me to help her teach some acro at Wanderlust 108 in SF. I know that some of my friends got hooked on Acro because of Wanderlust so I was curious. Apparently Wanderlust has two types of festivals. The full on Wanderlust experience which is several days long, held usually at ski resorts with almost 24 hours worth of activities each day.

They also do 108s, which as I understand it, is the same feeling but in a small bite sized, one day packages.

We started the morning with a 5k (I hate running):

That is Britta, Jesse, and I getting ready to start the run. Britta and Jesse did a great run and I was lagging behind, but I finished.

Side note, the SF 108 is held in golden gate park, good breakfast options near there: Andytown Coffee Roasters and Devil’s Tooth Bakery.

There was then a giant group yoga which was pretty epic. We spent the time getting to communicate with the other Acro Teachers who were there to also work with Britta. We reviewed material and started to play around with a bunch of random people. We weren’t super quiet during the meditation, but hopefully we didn’t mess anyone up too much.

After the group session broke up we taught two 50 minute acro yoga classes. Nothing too complicated, but it was a lot of fun to work with some new people and introduce people to the practice.

I got to work with some really great teachers: Adam, Alexa, April, Jesse, and Link. They were all awesome people to meet and work with. A big shout out to Britta Rael for asking me to be a part of her wonderful event and some of the photos in the post.

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