Being a Beginner

We all come to a new endeavor with previous experience somewhere. I came to Acroyoga with a background in cheerleading. I wasn’t an expert cheerleader, and I was no where near the best shape I’ve been in. Despite my lack of fitness, I was still stronger than others in certain areas where my years of experience had built up strength that was already there or quickly returned. Things like foot to hand were super easy.

But for every area that was super easy, there were ten areas where I was weak. The first couple of classes I went to ended up splitting between beginner and advanced. I made some friends pretty quickly and they kept asking me to join the advanced side. I still didn’t have bird swivels and presses, how could I be advanced? I would often stay on the beginner side and just work the basics.

As I’ve moved to a spot where I actually have the skills I need. Where a bird press swivel isn’t too hard with anyone and my hips are almost always on the ground. Here, I begin to look at the new people coming to class. Many of them appear to be looking for the end pose and how to get there. We tend not to break up the class between beginner and advanced anymore and the material that is easy for someone who has practiced a little is not always attainable for people who come for the first time. Still the first timers are trying the hard stuff.

As my friend Mike would say “TOO MANY WORDS!”

TL;DR; It’s okay to start with the basics. It’s okay to stay where you are and work on “beginner” skills. You really move past beginner when you can do beginner skills with everyone, not just with one person. Work the basics.

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